UV Skinz 6th Annual “My First Skinz” Campaign in Honor of Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Today marks the start of our 6th Annual “My First Skinz” Campaign in honor of  National Skin Cancer Awareness Month. You will probably hear a lot about how to protect yourself from this treatable disease. You will see a lot of pictures and diagrams about the statistics of skin cancer and the signs to look for. You will most likely be told to cover-up, wear sunscreen, stay out of the sun at certain times of the day. It is true that just one childhood sunburn can more than double your chances of developing skin cancer in adulthood. More than 73% of skin cancer deaths are from Melanoma and more than 3.5 million skin cancers diagnosed on over 2 million people each year.

Despite all of the facts, warnings and statistics–we want to give you more. We want to give you a way to help teach and give the gift of sun protection to the ones who matter the most, children. UV Skinz is proud to provide worry-free alternatives for sun protection. This month our gift to every one who places an order during the month of May is a “What’s a Sunburn” My First Skinz Baby UV protective swim shirt.  Rhonda Sparks, Founder of UV Skinz, truly believes that healthy sun protection habits should begin early and be taught daily. When Rhonda lost her husband to melanoma in 2001, leaving her with three small boys, it was their future health and happiness that led Rhonda to found UV Skinz. Ever since, UV Skinz has never lost sight of the goal to get kids covered. Teaching our children good sun-safety habits is important so that they continue these practices into adulthood. UV Skinz makes it easy with comfortable, high-quality, and stylish swim shirts.

what's a sunburn_UV Skinz

 “The free baby swim shirt giveaway gets families in the early habit of making sure their children have adequate sun protection – not just through sunscreen, which can be irritating to skin – but through our UV swim shirts and UPF 50+ clothing,” says company founder, Rhonda Sparks.

Remember for every order placed during May you will find our special edition “What’s A Sunburn” Baby Skinz inside your package! Please pay-it-forward by donating this shirt to a child so they will never know what a sunburn is. There will be a flyer within each order asking for you to pass along the Baby Skinz to a needy organization; your local women’s shelter, red cross, maternity ward, mommies group, a friend or family member. The possibilities are endless!  We would love to hear where the Baby Skinz end up!

If you would like to know more about the campaign feel free to email info@uvskinz.com, call 1-877-887-5468.



5 Days for Darren Facebook Giveaways


To understand the foundation of UV Skinz, you must understand the legacy from which UV Skinz was born. You must understand Darren’s story.

Darren Lee Farwell was an avid outdoors-man, Husband and Father when he was diagnosed with Melanoma in 1996. Born on June 25, 1969 he succumbed to skin cancer at the age of 32. UV Skinz was born from Darren’s legacy. Rhonda wanted everyone to be able to enjoy the outdoors safely and worry-free.

Our 5 Days for Darren Giveaway is a way for us to keep his memory alive, celebrate the amazing man he was and give the gift of UV Skinz to you!

“Life truly does go on… no minute can be repeated or tucked away to use at a later time. But, there is comfort in knowing life sustains itself in memories and significant dates and events, only needing a quick thought to reflect on the past.”~Rhonda Sparks 

Make sure you “LIKE” UV Skinz on Facebook to be able to enter into the daily giveaways. Each day (beginning today) there will be a question asked. Reply on the post thread and one winner will be randomly chosen to WIN a $50 credit to www.uvskinz.com. There will be 5 winners total.

UV Skinz Office Shenanigans!

Things got a little crazy yesterday at the UV Skinz office in Sonora, CA!

That’s Rhonda, UV Skinz President, under all that foliage. What could have possible led up to the moment this photo was taken?

Have any thoughts?!

Then hurry quick to our Facebook Page to add your own funny, witty, silly caption to the photo! 

You never know…there might be a FREEBIE given to the fan with the best caption.

5,000 Facebook Fans by 2012!

Over the past six years we have had the honor to touch so many lives and help people enjoy the sun worry-free with our uv-protective swim shirts. We are definitely more than just a swim shirt–UV Skinz is family, love and perseverance even in times of great difficulty. The journey from tragedy to advocacy for melanoma awareness has been unbelievable!  If tragedy hadn’t touched Rhonda’s life there wouldn’t have been the opportunity to educate or help people who have also been affected by the disease. Melanoma awareness to us is sharing personal experiences, exchanging knowledge and creating a community where everyone feels hope. With melanoma cases on the rise,  an estimated 70,230 adults in the U.S. will be diagnosed with the disease this year. It makes up only 2.3% of all skin cancers, but is responsible for 75% of skin cancer deaths. It’s not stopping and neither should we!

With the New Year upon us, our resolution at UV Skinz is to reach as many people as we can.  Melanoma awareness only works if we work together. It is our hope that UV Skinz can reach 5,000 people by 2012! Help us spread the word about smart and easy sun protection and you could WIN!

This is an exclusive Facebook GIVEAWAY!  But don’t worry–it’s easy to enter! and…

There will be a total of 7 UV Skinz Prizes up for grabs!!

(The giveaway entry will begin on Thursday December 29, 2011 and end Sunday January 1, 2012 at midnight)

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So…WHAT are the Prizes?!: 
  • One Grand Prize winner will WIN a Family Four-Pack of UV Skinz swim shirts!
  • One First Prize winner will WIN one UV Skinz item of their choice!
  • One Second and one Third Place winner will WIN a UV Detector Key chain!
How will the winners be chosen?
Grand Prize winner will be chosen based on the Facebook Fan who shares the official “5,000 Fans By 2012” image the MOST. The Second place winner will be chosen randomly using random.org, but keep in mind that the more you share the more entries you receive and the better your chances for winning. Second and Third place winners will also be chosen at random (similar to Second place).
***The image will be unveiled exclusively on Facebook–THURSDAY!***
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One Thousand and One Fans!

UV Skinz would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year! 2010 was an awesome year for us; Costco added us to their shelves, we established our Facebook Fan page,  attended some cool Trade Shows, and continued to share our mission everyday. So far in the New Year we have reached our goal of 1,000 Facebook Fans. If this isn’t a reason to celebrate, I don’t know what is! With your support and loyalty we will continue to grow and spread awareness about melanoma and the ways you can keep yourselves and your families sun-safe.

UV Skinz has come a long way in a short amount of time. It was only six years ago when Rhonda Sparks began her mission to “get kids covered” and to spread awareness about how unnecessary it is for anyone to succumb to melanoma. From the beginning UV Skinz swim shirts have been made from high-quality fabrics, versatile and stylish. 2011 will be no different. You should expect 2011 to be filled with  more surprises and we hope that you come along for the ride!

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Before this post ends there are three things I want you to take away with you:

1. Believe and you will succeed.

2. We want you to be a part of our family!

3. We will make a difference. (This is for you, Darren. We miss you!)

Cheers to the best year yet! 2011

All You Magazine December 2010

Like This!

I have exciting news! You can read all about Rhonda Sparks, the Founder of UV Skinz, in the December issue of All You Magazine. She is featured in a full-page article sharing her life before UV Skinz and how she turned a tragedy into an inspiration. The admiration that I have for Rhonda is huge. No matter what, I have noticed how she always puts her family first! Her kind heart, courage, and entrepreneurial spirit makes her such an awesome person. Rhonda deserves this and much more!!

Sun Protection Habits Start Early!

Good sun protection habits must start at an early age. It’s kind of the same idea as the admission process for a Santa Monica preschool; if your kid isn’t on the waiting list shortly after birth then you might be out of luck. Likewise, if you don’t teach good sun protection habits from an early age the harder it is to enforce them down the road. All joking aside we know that 80% of your entire sun damage occurs before a person reaches 18-years-old.  This statistic is one of the  reasons that Rhonda Sparks created UV Skinz swim shirts; “To Get Kids Covered” and protect them from potential skin cancer.

It can be a challenge to get your toddler or preschooler to stand still long enough to slather on sunscreen, that is why UV Skinz swim shirts are so awesome especially for the wriggly little ones! Each shirt is soft, comfortable, has a UPF of 50+ and they come in designs cool or cute enough to please everyone. 

Here are some tips to help teach your children great sun protection habits:

1. TEACH BY EXAMPLE! No matter what the habit–children learn by example. If they see you wearing sun protective clothing, applying sunscreen daily, wearing sunglasses and wide-brimmed hats then they are more likely to pick up on those good sun protection habits.

2. DON’T STRESS! Now there is one thing that I have learned as a Mom and that is that stressing out my children or scaring them into doing something doesn’t have the right outcome, ever! If you are more relaxed about the expectations you have about sun protection and make it fun then children will be more receptive. The last thing you want to happen is to have your child think the sun will burn them into dust if they miss a spot while applying sunscreen! Just take them to the UV Skinz website and let them pick out their favorite UV Skinz swim shirt. Make sun protection as easy as slipping a shirt on! (Because actually it is!)

3. MAKE IT EASY! Teach your children the “ABCs for FUN in the SUN.”

A = AWAY. Stay away from the sun in the middle of the day.

B = BLOCK. Use SPF 30 or higher sunscreen.

C = COVER UP. Wear a T-shirt and a hat.

S = SPEAK OUT. Talk to family and friends about sun protection.

Please feel free to share your routine or tips that you use in your family to promote good sun protection!