Wordless Wednesday…Take UV Skinz for a Stroll

Shop this multi-use Maxi Dress here! http://www.uvskinz.com/detail.aspx?id=429&c=5

Shop this multi-use Maxi Dress here! http://www.uvskinz.com/detail.aspx?id=429&c=5


UV Skinz; Not Just A Swim Shirt

For six years UV Skinz has given people all over the country and now the world a chance to have fun in the sun worry-free. We get a lot of comments on our Facebook page and blog posts on how useful our product is for water sports and play, but UV Skinz swim shirts can be used for more than that.
One customer left a comment saying how she will use her Cheryl Long-Sleeve Full Zip for her water aerobics class! How fun! Also, what a great cover-up.
“Thank you for such fast service. I placed an online order on Tuesday for a rash guard jacket. I called right after I placed the order to ask if I would have the jacket in time for my next H2O aerobics class on Saturday. My jacket arrived today (Friday). What service!!! I love the jacket and can’t wait to use it for tomorrow’s class. Thank you for your commitment in helping to make more people aware of the dangers of skin cancer.”
Constance M, Oceanside, CA
Long rides in the car as well as on a motorcycle can cause unexpected sunburns. Why not utilize the 50+ UPF of our uv-protective swim shirts on your next road trip? Lisa did. Here is what she had to say:
“I just rec’d my white, long sleeve zippered Skinz today and already I know it’ll be a perfect motorcycle shirt to wear over my tank top! I will be back for more colors/styles! Thanks so much for a great product!”
Lisa R, Phoenix, Arizona
UV Skinz swim shirts are also a great way to protect highly sensitive skin from the harsh uv rays. Sometimes the medication we take may make your skin more prone to uv damage (this is usually indicated on the prescription). If that is the case, the tight-weave, flat-lock stitching and light weight of our fabric will allow you to enjoy the outdoors comfortably.
“I love my Aloha Shirt. Since my “dry skin patches” turned out to be pre-cancerous lesions (they sure didn’t look like those 4 scary pictures of cancerous moles that are shown in so many skin cancer prevention articles) and I am allergic to sunscreen these shirts are now my life. I can go for my walks and enjoy the beach without worry. Thank you.”
Lorie, Chicago, Illinois
How do you use your UV Skinz?

All You Magazine December 2010

Like This!

I have exciting news! You can read all about Rhonda Sparks, the Founder of UV Skinz, in the December issue of All You Magazine. She is featured in a full-page article sharing her life before UV Skinz and how she turned a tragedy into an inspiration. The admiration that I have for Rhonda is huge. No matter what, I have noticed how she always puts her family first! Her kind heart, courage, and entrepreneurial spirit makes her such an awesome person. Rhonda deserves this and much more!!

What Drives Us?

2010 has been a growing year for UV Skinz. With each step we take, we are getting closer to achieving our mission to “get kids covered” and raise awareness about Melanoma prevention.

Under the About Us tab on the main UV Skinz website there are a list of quotes. The title is, What Drives Us? Each quote speaks true to who UV Skinz is. UV Skinz is not just a company, but a personal legacy that must be carried out (in the name of Darren). Behind it all, UV Skinz treasures life and family.

The goal is to share each quote on the blog, Facebook and Twitter. In hopes that you (our fans and customers) can get to know UV Skinz, leave your comments, photographs or share your experience with us. What drives us are the simple things and each quote represents any and all of us.

Margaritaville is a real place.”

Jimmy Buffets song, Margaritaville, gives off a care free and laid back vibe. Yes. We believe that Margaritaville is a real place because UV Skinz allows you to be care free so that you can enjoy life and live for the bright sunshine! You can fully enjoy life because our uv protected swim shirts, hats, and clothing all offer great chemical-free sun protection. It’s the peace of mind that might cause you to drift to that warm beach with the cool breeze…down in Margaritaville.


Wordless Wednesday

gfhjfgh-001“I think I love my UV Skinz…I know I love my UV Skinz!”

What a cutie! Thanks to Tay’s Mom at A Working Blogging Mommy for letting us feature her adorable daughter for Wordless Wednesday. There is also a giveaway going on so check it out and win a UV Skinz for yourself! See more Wordless Wednesday pics at 5minformom.

P.S. If you have any photos of yourself or children wearing UV Skinz and would like them to be featured for Wordless Wednesday then email them to me! kalisha@uvskinz.com