UV Skinz 6th Annual “My First Skinz” Campaign in Honor of Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Today marks the start of our 6th Annual “My First Skinz” Campaign in honor of  National Skin Cancer Awareness Month. You will probably hear a lot about how to protect yourself from this treatable disease. You will see a lot of pictures and diagrams about the statistics of skin cancer and the signs to look for. You will most likely be told to cover-up, wear sunscreen, stay out of the sun at certain times of the day. It is true that just one childhood sunburn can more than double your chances of developing skin cancer in adulthood. More than 73% of skin cancer deaths are from Melanoma and more than 3.5 million skin cancers diagnosed on over 2 million people each year.

Despite all of the facts, warnings and statistics–we want to give you more. We want to give you a way to help teach and give the gift of sun protection to the ones who matter the most, children. UV Skinz is proud to provide worry-free alternatives for sun protection. This month our gift to every one who places an order during the month of May is a “What’s a Sunburn” My First Skinz Baby UV protective swim shirt.  Rhonda Sparks, Founder of UV Skinz, truly believes that healthy sun protection habits should begin early and be taught daily. When Rhonda lost her husband to melanoma in 2001, leaving her with three small boys, it was their future health and happiness that led Rhonda to found UV Skinz. Ever since, UV Skinz has never lost sight of the goal to get kids covered. Teaching our children good sun-safety habits is important so that they continue these practices into adulthood. UV Skinz makes it easy with comfortable, high-quality, and stylish swim shirts.

what's a sunburn_UV Skinz

 “The free baby swim shirt giveaway gets families in the early habit of making sure their children have adequate sun protection – not just through sunscreen, which can be irritating to skin – but through our UV swim shirts and UPF 50+ clothing,” says company founder, Rhonda Sparks.

Remember for every order placed during May you will find our special edition “What’s A Sunburn” Baby Skinz inside your package! Please pay-it-forward by donating this shirt to a child so they will never know what a sunburn is. There will be a flyer within each order asking for you to pass along the Baby Skinz to a needy organization; your local women’s shelter, red cross, maternity ward, mommies group, a friend or family member. The possibilities are endless!  We would love to hear where the Baby Skinz end up!

If you would like to know more about the campaign feel free to email info@uvskinz.com, call 1-877-887-5468.



14 Ways to Love Your Skin!

  1.  Moisturize
  2. Wear sunscreen daily
  3. Seek the shade and protect delicate eyes, face, neck and ears with a wide-brimmed hat
  4. Avoid tanning
  5. Exfoliate
  6. Exercise
  7. Stay hydrated
  8. Eat healthy
  9. Drink less alcohol
  10. Cut-down on refined sugar
  11. Affirmations; Pale is in! Pale is beautiful! I am perfect the way I am!
  12. Cover-up with UV-protective clothing
  13. Conduct a self skin check monthly
  14. Be aware of any new or changing moles and see a dermatologist if you notice anything abnormal

long cover up UV Skinz

Cover-up Your Lil’ Sweetheart With UV Skinz!

From now until 2/22/13 use coupon code, UVLUV15,  to save 15% off our entire website.  While you’re there take a look at our new arrivals! We are happy to offer you the same great quality UV-protective wear for the whole family–with new colors and styles.

Our new Beach Hoodie is just perfect for going from the sand to the water with its light-weight, quick-drying pique knit and breathable UPF 50+ fabric.


Pair it with a UV-protective swim shirt and our Hot Pink Ruffled Bloomers for a great day out in the sun!


UV Skinz on a Mission to Kenya

The UV index is most Kenyan cities is an 11 which means the suns strength is very strong and you could burn very quickly. Fair skinned missionaries and visitors should take extra precautions to avoid sunburn and damage to their skin. When Brandy (pictured below with children from the village) contacted us we were more than happy to cover her in UV protective shirts so that she could focus on her ‘mission’ and not have to worry about sun protection. As you can see from the pictures below Brandy styled her UV Skinz swim shirts very well! Her everyday look included a long skirt, sturdy walking shoes, a UV protective shirt, a head scarf (to protect her scalp) and a breezy scarf. Very sun conscious!

Below is a Q & A to see just what she thought of UV Skinz, how our UV protective shirts helped her on her trip and how her trip to Kenya went. Please read and share!
UV Skinz Kenya4

Could you explain the purpose of your trip and what you learned while there?

The purpose of our trip was medical. Our church sent a team of 18 people. Half of the team worked in a make shift doctor’s office while the other half taught in the school . We were at the UASONYIRO primary school. It was life changing. To see the joy in the children even though some of them had walked 5 miles to school ! Then for lunch they would walk to the river for dirty water. It was a very humbling experience. We are so blessed with all that we have and we don’t even realize it because we have always had it.

UV Skinz Kenya2

What UV Skinz products did you receive for your trip? 

I received the swim shirt in Blue and Black short sleeve and one  Cheryl Full Zip long sleeve black jacket.

UV Skinz Kenya1

How did your UV Skinz swim shirt benefit you on your trip? What did you think about the feel, fabric, usefulness?

The benefit of the UV Skinz on my trip was priceless! I have a very pale complexion, we were in direct sunlight from 9 am to 3 or 4 pm each day. Had I not been able to wear the UV Skinz I would’ve burned as some of my team members did. The material was light and dried very quickly, even though we were constantly sweating. The Jacket was great for the afternoon when the sun was still high but the temperature dropped.

Have you ever worn UV protective clothing before and if not will you begin to now?

I have never worn UV clothing before but I can guarantee it is a must have for ALL wardrobes and I won’t be caught in the SUN without it. UV Skinz provided the protection I needed so that I could focus on the work I was sent to do.

UV Skinz Kenya3

UV Skinz Twitter Fan of the Week Hat Giveaway!

Beginning Monday November 26 we will be randomly picking a Twitter Fan of the Week! All you have to do is follow us @uvskinz!  We want to say Thank You for being a fan of UV Skinz and supporting us as we continue on our journey to raise awareness about safe sun protection and providing people around the world a way to enjoy the sun worry free!

Each weekly winner will WIN a UV Skinz brand hat of their choice. All of our hats protect against 98% of UV rays, are machine washable and come in styles from baby to adult.


How to enter:

  • Follow UV Skinz on Twitter @uvskinz
  • Tell a friend and check your direct messages every Monday to see if you have won!