Sneak Peak into our 2013 UV-protective Collection

December has been a busy month for the UV Skinz team! We traveled to Hawaii to shoot some photos of our upcoming 2013 Summer Collection. The weather didn’t always cooperate with us, but finally the sun shone through and we were able to photograph away!

Hawaii is a place near and dear to our hearts because it is the place that the founder of UV Skinz, Rhonda Sparks, and her late husband Darren would vacation with their young sons. It was in Hawaii that Darren would spend hours surfing and enjoying the outdoors with his family. Hawaii is also the place were they first came into contact with ‘rashguards’, but found them too tight and without variety. UV Skinz was later born to be a looser, more comfortable, more affordable, protective and made with the whole family in mind. 

We are so excited to share our new 2013 UV-protective swimwear (and outdoor) line with you, but only a sneak peak!! To stay up to date on when the product line will go live on our website stay connected via our Facebook Fan page


Pink and Orange Stripes Combo Set


Guys will love our new added pieces for 2013…like our Men’s Hoodie pullover and more color choices.


Check out our new board shorts combo (on the left)! Your son will enjoy less nagging about sunscreen in our new boys hoodie cover-up.

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