Adventures of Cancer the Crab

Have you ever asked yourselves in an hour of meditation which everyone finds during the day, what is with the crab and 69 being the sign of cancer? Well cancer literally means crab in Latin, who’d have thunk it? The 69ish looking symbol was something devised long ago for the zodiac. The crab illustration above was created by Darren Lee Farwell for a tattoo for himself. Below are some excerpts and links to sites that offer more in-depth explanations of the history behind the symbol:

“The origin of the symbol…or glyph…of Cancer has been given diverse interpretations. Some sources describe it as a representation of the breasts, an area of the anatomy ruled by Cancer and which is also indicative of the inherent nurturing nature of this Sign. Other sources liken the glyph to a pair of crab claws, intertwined in such a manner as to represent the dual nature of the Cancer individual. In this latter interpretation, it could well be considered similar to the Asian symbol of the Yin and the Yang. In Vedic Astrology, this glyph signifies the Womb of Time, in which all manifestation takes place and is symbolic of the caring qualities associated with motherhood, as well as spiritual creativity.”

(read more about the astrological sign)

“In mythology, Cancer was the little crab sent by Hera to distract Hercules while he worked to defeat Hydra. Cancer was quickly crushed underneath Hercules’ feet, and Hera placed it in the stars as thanks for its attempt to battle the great Hercules.”

(read more about the constellation)


7 thoughts on “Adventures of Cancer the Crab

  1. Those born between June 22nd and July 22nd fall under the sun sign of Cancer. Characteristics of this sign include sensitivity, nurturing and sentimentality.

  2. Cancerians are crabby, emotional and often retreat to the shell. Also intuitive, loving and hospitable. I invite you to visit my post, Crab Lore and Enduring Love at

    If you be a crab, Happy Birthday! Nice post!


  3. Greetings from Iceland!

    Hi there Darrel.

    I love that design of the zodiac sign, I simply find it spot on and I would like to ask you if I could use it as a tattoo for my self as well ? – It would be my first tattoo.

    I really like that picture and it would be awesome to have your permission.

    Guðlaugur Ellert

  4. hey dude,
    i have to say i absolutely love this design
    and would like to ask
    if you minded if i too got this as my first tattoo
    changed up a little bit though with some of my own flavor ..
    i love it, and i think its beautiful


  5. We love the idea of Darren’s energy getting carried forward years after his passing. We at UV Skinz would be honored to have our friend’s art adorn you. It is good that you decided to customize it for yourself though. Send us a photo once the deed is done and always wear sunscreen!

  6. it is an ancient hermetic symbol for the duality of the soul.

  7. I enjoyed reading your blog. Keep it that way. lgyfyvxsbrnjynyv

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